Need a break? To relieve stress?

Free your mind, listen to your body, enter the present moment!

Spacious, bright, quiet:

A few steps from Market Square in Pittsburgh, a large bright space arranged in a "Scandinavian" spirit with wooden floor and large window, the studio consists of a room of 2500sqft. A reception area and relaxation is at your disposal to enjoy a moment of exchange and sharing. Two dressing rooms also feature the studio.

The spirit of the place:

A place of discovery and practice open to different disciplines and methods sweet fitness. Open to all, regardless of age and level, without spirit of performance or results. An intimate and relaxing place, where being alone, or friends is the time to pause, parenthetically self and self.

To each his Yoga

No need to be isolated in the desert where the top of a mountain to practice yoga, depending on your condition, your desires, you will find that yoga is for you! Try it and adopt it, the body and mind become attached, you can no longer do without.

lady doing yoga